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Why a secured digital trail can add value

How does a secure digital trail of a product add value if there is no direct link to the physical product itself? An often heard question within the steel industry. How can a solely digital solution, as offered by SteelTrace, add value to the current traceability system of steel producers. The current system is based […]

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What do we mean with Truly Digital?

SteelTrace uses the term true digital and that might lead to confusion. A common statement is: we have digital certificates! Closer inspection leads to the conclusion; we have PDF’s, and yes, they are digital. But not truly digital, let us explain. A PDF is the digital form of paper, one could say. However there is a […]

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Will the True Digital signature stand up?

We are often told by Steel companies that they already digitally sign their certificates. Curiosity forces us to ask, how then? The answer: an authorised person copy & pastes an image of a written signature. In our opinion that’s a digital image of a signature, not exactly a “Digital Signature”. The receiver of the certificate […]

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