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About us


At SteelTrace we are on a mission to make fraud with steel and metals a thing of the past. Our contribution to that universal problem is the introduction of a SaaS platform on which all involved companies in the distribution chain, from mill to EPC to end-customers, can manage and transfer all certificate related product data in a safe and irrefutable manner. Our product will give you full control over the quality of the steel products you buy.


It is our vision to bring transparency and integrity to the industry. We chose to first focus on the petrochemical and chemical industry because fraud is the biggest in this segment, the supply chain is complex and therefore error prone and also because certificate bearing is high in this segment. We aim to grow and scale in Europe and the Middle East the coming years before moving to other regions in the world with an aim to become the standard in the industry. After that we aim to introduce our platform at several adjacent markets in the industry, like aerospace and transport.


SteelTrace is founded by Tom Meulendijks, Tapio Pekelharing and Robert van der Woude. SteelTrace has its origins from an idea that Tom had in 2016 when he was confronted with the reality of just how outdated and critical material certificates were handled and exchanged ownership in the supply chain. Given the magnitude and investments involved in projects in the industry and the importance of quality assurance for everyone, he felt the need to solve this problem and came up with the idea of developing a platform on which all data can be handled and transferred safely. With own funding, some backing from early investors and an innovation subsidy, we built the first beta version of the SteelTrace platform.

July 2016
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July 2017
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SteelTrace BV
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December 2018
December 2018
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August 2019
Private Beta Live
October 2019
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January 2020
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From an idea Tom had back in 2016, SteelTrace came a long way. In August 2019 we were ready to share a private beta version with some of our enthusiastic clients that believed in us even when SteelTrace was just an idea. We aim to go into full beta live in October of 2019 and 2020 will be the year we scale our company with an aim to shake up this industry.

Our Team

  • team member photo

    Tom Meulendijks

    Founder / CEO

    • +10 years tech entrepreneur
    • Keeper of the vision
    • Programming skills
    • Usability/interaction design background
  • team member photo

    Tapio Pekelharing

    Co-founder / COO

    • +15 year marketing, consumer products entrepreneur
    • Business acumen
    • Marketing / design (strategy)
    • Legal background, started career in int. law firms
  • team member photo

    Yanick Dols

    Partner / Development Director

    • 8+ years talent acquisition entrepreneur
    • Staffing background
    • Industrial engineering background
    • Blockchain expert
  • team member photo

    Costa Giardina

    Partner / CCO

    • 30+ years steel industry entrepreneur
    • Industry knowledge and network
    • Commercial strong