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the new standard

for traceability of steel for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Total traceability

It is our mission to make fraud with steel and metals a thing of the past. SteelTrace offers the new standard for the traceability of steel. Completely digital! We aim to close the loopholes in the current system and bring efficiency to the quality control department. We are a platform where you can manage and share all data related to a product in a way that is easy, immutable and secure.

The current system is flawed. There are armies of engineers manually checking if the data matches the order and complies to norms and specs. There is a lot of redundant printing, signing and stamping of documents and the current system is easy to cheat, creating risk of incidents. Our product will give you full control over the quality of the steel products you buy.

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Digitise Certificates

Gather all data related to a product in digital format that can be matched against specification rules.

Digital identity

Provide each product with a unique digital identity that can not be falsified or copied.

Digital signing

All certificates are digitally signed with a cryptographic key that is linked to the data provider. No one can falsify certificates anymore.

Digitise Specification

Transfer the specifications into a set of computer based rules that can be used to verify a certificate's content.

Automated checking

Automatically check a 100% of certificates and be sure they are real.

Long term storage

Store all you certificates digitally, fully searchable and traceable. Retreive certificate data instantly. Never lose your documentation again.

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Why a secured digital trail can add value

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What do we mean with Truly Digital?

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Will the True Digital signature stand up?

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